ADP (Automatic Data Processing) Company information

What is ADP?

ADP is a very popular payroll services company that provides many different type of services in addition like Human Resources Management, benefit administration, insurance services, and tax services. ADP is very well known especially by workforce management.

The company provides a number of payroll solutions. The most basic solution is the ADP Essential Payroll which does not have many features like Enhanced Payroll and the advance versions. ADP uses ADP RUN which is an online payroll management program.

With this program you can handle more than one report and use earnings setup and flexible deductions. The service has outstanding help and support tools or payroll problems as well as separate tools for the Affordable Care Act.

Because of its smooth payroll and tax services as well as help and support services, ADP Enhanced Payroll has managed to become one of the best online payroll payment solutions.

Payroll features

The online payroll for this program runs on ADP RUN and has incredible payroll features. This program allows you to access more than thirty reports that you can download, preview and even print in PDF format and even export to your Excel.

In addition, the software also integrates with other payroll and accounting programs such as QuickBooks.

There are also other features which help you with compliance on state unemployment insurance, labor law poster compliance, wage garnishments, and ADP’s worker’s compensation pay as you go program. It is very easy to take care of your employees and ensure that your business is up to date with the current rules and regulations.

When the program sets up your account, it also creates email reminders according to your preference. You can create reminders for various payroll periods so that you don’t forget to run it.

In addition, the reminders can alert you on any security related issues as well as a bank change at the firm level.

You can set as many references as you like.

The software also allows your employees to use the self-service version of the payment solution. With the self-service version, they can view their pay stubs.

They can also check with the ADP’S eTimecard using their online portal. This ties the hours of the workers into your payroll, reducing the possibility of making errors. You can also let your employees use the mobile version of ADP for easy access.

This online payroll solution guides you through the setup earnings and deductions. You can’t compromise when it comes to taxes, so your payroll is taxed accurately all the time.

You are allowed to setup up to thirty deductions per worker at any time and you can easily manage them from the ADP program.

Additionally, the program tracks PTOC accrual and also use ADP RUN to prepare a garnishment. You can the print your check and send it directly to your employees through mail. Finally, the ADP Enhanced Payroll features the garnishment services which handles everything on your behalf.

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