How to fill out an I-9

When you’re going to work in the US, you will have to fill out an I-9 upon being hired by any employer.

The form I-9 or the Employment Eligibility Verification Form is a US Citizenship and Immigration Service Form mainly used by the employer in order to verify employers’ identity and to establish whether the employee is eligible to work in the United States. The form is a primary requirement not only for the verification of employee identity, but also for the necessary requirements to be presented in the presence of the employer. These documents you can present include personal records such as health records, driver’s license, passport, military id and school credentials, to name some.

The form i-9 is required by all hired applicants either, part time or full time hiring. The form must be filled out personally by the applicant in the presence of the employer, and the new hire should present the necessary documents needed. The original copies of the documents go along with the photocopied materials of each document. There is no exemption given, all temporary and part time applicants must also fill out the form. In filling it out the employee must enter their information in section 1 which includes: name, address, city, state, zip code, date of birth, social security number, and must attest whether they are a US citizen or authorized to work in the US. They must also sign in Section 1 and date the form.

The employer must fill out section 2 within three days after the start of work. The employer must fill in the documents the employee has provided with the appropriate box from list A, B, and/or C. If the employee provides a document from those in list A this is the only form of identification they must provide. If they present a document from list B then they must also provide a document from list C.  The items in list A they can provide are US passport, Permanent resident card or alien resident card, foreign passport with I-551 stamp, Employment Authorization document that contain a photograph, a foreign passport along with form I-94 if they are authorized to work for a specific employer, or a passport from Federated States of Micronesia or the Republic of Marshall Islands along with form I-94 or I-94a. The acceptable items in list B are: Valid Driver’s license issued by a State or possession of the US with a photo and correct personal information, ID card similar to the requirements for the valid driver’s license, School ID with photo, Voter’s registration card, US Military card or draft record, Military dependent’s ID card, US Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card, Native American Tribal document, Driver’s license by a Canadian government authority, if under 18 they can present a school report card, doctor’s record, or a nursery record. The items in list C are: Social Security card, Certification of Birth Abroad by the Dept of State, Certification of Report of Birth by the Dept of State, Original Birth Certificate from somewhere within the US, Native American tribal document, US Citizen ID Card, ID Card for use of Resident Citizen in the United States, or Authorization document by the Department of Homeland Security.

In an employer’s and an employee’s point of view, the I-9 form is used to regain the assurance that the agreement between them is valid. By filling out the I-9 form, another step in done for the payroll processing which will follow by the employer, or a payroll processing company. With regards to retention of the I-9 form, they must be kept for three years after the date of hire, or one year after employment ends, whichever is longer. Generally, you want to keep all of your employee documents for a period of at least three at the minimum after the employee is no longer in your employee, because this will be beneficial if you were audited.